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Asset-Backed Financing

The purpose of the strategy is to capture the present dislocation in the real estate lending markets created by significant lack of liquidity from financial institutions and fundamental mispricing.

In this situation, it is possible to source well priced and newly originated loans for quality assets.

Investment Opportunity

The strategy will focus on both the fundamental value and liquidity of underlying assets and will target lending opportunities where the structural funding gap is the largest, by offering attractively priced lending for:

  • Senior and Junior tranches of commercial real estate in Europe

  • Senior and junior residential loan in London

The group’s funds would be managed by a specialized management team with significant experience in both real estate private equity and debt markets. The approach takes to debt investments is through real estate principal approach combined with detailed knowledge of lending and debt structuring.

The investment policy shall consist in:

  • Granting new loan between £5-25m secured on high quality real estate assets (residential, hotels, commercial properties (including offices and retail properties) and/or land).

  • Purchasing existing high quality term loans from distressed or motivated lenders.

  • Enter into restructuring as a senior or junior lender in projects with lenders or borrowers are unable to fund projects completion.

Lending Criteria
  • Real estate fundamentals and backed by reliable and updated property valuations


  • Decision to include the property quality, the loan to value, reliable and realistic exit/repayment


  • Location (mainly in London and greater London).. A strong focus will be put on W1/SW1 postcode properties with occasional consideration given to outstanding projects outside these areas


  • Type of property (residential, offices, retail, hotels, development and land in specific cases and in London area).


  • Proven relevant expertise and credentials from the borrower


  • Sufficient equity in the transaction of c. 30% of purchase price or valuation


  • Diversification of  Lending portfolio by Borrowers, assets and locations

Lending Criteria
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