Armat Group is an investment company focusing on private equity, real estate and asset backed finance. Armat Group is designing innovative investment solutions with a difference that comes from its entrepreneurial background and its very international vision.

We focus on capital development, in small and medium size companies with high entrepreneurial spirit and international potential, in industries such as education, luxury goods, telecommunications, software and information technologies, transportation and energy, infrastructures, media and sports, aerospace and defense. We work alongside management teams, who we advise to drive strategic change in order to create value for their company and shareholders over the medium to long-term. We believe in the power of innovation and education as a major driver of innovation.

Our key markets are the major European business centers - London, Paris, Germany, Italy and Spain, targeting the office, retail and hotel sectors. We also pursue specific opportunities in Asia and America. Investment holding period is undefined.

We act in an advisory capacity in areas such as aircraft financing, infrastructure financing and real estate lending.

We differentiate

ourselves by our commitment to bring value to our investments and by the relationships we build with management and company stakeholders. We are active investors, working for success alongside management teams to:

  • open new doors
  • leverage our extensive international network
  • drive strategic change and improve performance over the medium to long-term

The stable and challenging environments we create make us a preferred investor.
We are a reliable partner to management teams, with a reputation for being commercially driven and active in helping our investment partners develop their new businesses.

Our values

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Active investors
  • International minded
  • Business developers
  • Quick
  • Pragmatic
  • Adaptive

Investor profiles

Armat Group investors are:

  • Family offices
  • Funds
  • High Net Worth Individuals

They are mainly located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.