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Armat Group develops new aircraft financing solutions

  • Thanks to its in-depth experience of the aerospace business, Armat Group is developing its advisory line of service in aircraft financing. The shareholders of Armat Group have been extremely active in this industry for more than 25 years, as key executives within the aerospace industry (EADS, Airbus…). They have contact to all major decision makers in the sector and have a thorough understanding of the market.
  • Since the crisis, aircraft orders and deliveries have kept growing but financing aircraft has become more challenging and more costly. This situation is due mainly to the difficulties for European banks to get refinancing in USD, to new export credit rules (ASU and Cape Town convention) making the financing through export credit agencies tighter and more expensive and to cost pressures making the leasing model less attractive.
  • Armat Group is working with the best team of market specialists and key investors to provide new financing solutions to airlines and manufacturers.

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